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Among the responsibilities of Jobseve.net are:

As the owner of this website, we are only responsible for the information such as introduction about the available job position, the profile of the employer, details of the job vacancies which also include the pay scale, allowances, compensation packages, as well as other benefits and procedure to apply. Therefore, please be aware that we are not liable in any way for the contents of websites belonging to third parties.

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The availability of all third-party websites cannot be guaranteed by us. We will not be held liable for the inaccuracy, fraudulent, spam, incomplete, inaccurate, or invalid information provided by third parties, so please do not hold us responsible. A third party’s website will most likely have its own policies, privacy policies, disclaimers, website, and many other things as well. There is no direct or indirect connection between this website and any organization that provides employment services in any way.

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In the case of third-party content, the right to use that content belongs to them. Jobseve.net does not accept responsibility nor liability for corrections or changes that may be made on their website, page, link, or anything else. As mentioned earlier, our site does not collaborate with any third parties of any nature regarding any changes it may make. Hence, any changes on the employer site do not fall under the jurisdiction of Jobseve.net.

Update to JobSeve.net Content:

Jobseve.net reserves the right at all times to modify, update, edit or remove any and all content included on its site. Consequently, we have the right to assume responsibility for everything we do as well as what we publish. The process is easy and can be done without having to contact our visitors via phone call, email, messaging, or any other sort of contact.

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Names, logos, and trademarks of the third parties are the sole property of those companies. Our site does not have any affiliation with these companies. This means that we do not have the authority to hire anyone under any circumstances.

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We have all the rights to remove, update, change or customize our website. It is entirely within our rights to make jobs available on our site in the manner we identify. We are not responsible for giving our visitors prior notice.

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